PSP mit Internet und im iPod-Design (Ceramic white PSP-1000 KCW)

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White PSP
Image via Engadget

Nachdem es früher ja anscheinend ziemlich mühsam war, mit der PSP aufs Netz zu gelangen - siehe: Surfen mit der PSP (#1 - Via Wipeout Browser) - , scheint das Problem ja nun mit der Firmware 2.0. behoben.

Weiter soll Sony in Japan ab 15. September eine weisse PSP mit folgendem anbieten:
  • eine neue Art Bilder mit anderen PSP Usern kabellos auszutauschen
  • Support für Medienformate wie z.B. AAC Audio und MPEG4 AVC Video
  • Support für Portable TV, der Video direkt auf die PSP streamt

See also:
In the future, Kawanishi hopes to implement streaming video access, eliminating to the need to squander valuable memory space and, what's more, plans are afoot to incorporate Digital Rights Management features, expanding the potential library of multimedia content on the PSP by enabling access to paid-for files.

Kawanishi also intends to stuff email functionality into the handheld's delicate frame in the future. Although it's currently possible to fire up a web mail programme, Sony hopes to completely reimagine the way people use email: "We want to think over the fundamental concept behind e-mail. We think it would be great if people could communicate together with the use of video and voice." So that could well mean the end of all that tedious on-screen typing that PSP users are currently forced to endure.


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