What is DokoDare? Brief explanation

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DokoDare : Places, People, Me

DokoDare (in beta) combines place information (address, map, description) and surrounding places with constantly updated information or news by either place owners or people who leave short messages named kaykus (from the japanese "kaku"= to write, very similar to tweets) at these places.

To find new places (Jyri Engeström's "social object"), you can either search for places in a city and discover the places around by category search or you can discover them through the kaykus left at these places.

You can follow people or you can follow place news by simply subscribing to their kaykus or news. Bookmarking and sharing places with others is possible as well.

The place itself can have a DokoDare Sticker with a QR Code on it. You scan the QR Code on the sticker or you type the web address underneath the QR Code to go the starting page of the place. Now you can get more information about the place, of other places nearby and if you have a Kaywa ID, you can also check in and start writing Kaykus.

And if a place is missing, you can naturally add it by yourself. We will then add the geo coordinates and you'll get an email as soon as the place is up.


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