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User-generated content FTW
You think user-generated content creates itself? Users have never had a problem creating content for sites when they feel they are getting something equal or greater in return. It doesn’t have to be money and in most cases when the reward isn’t money the value is much greater to the user and the content will reflect that.

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Not working:
  1. Requiring participation from square 1. Not all users need to participate to generate social value.
  2. Buying communities.
  3. Social networks for the sake of social networks.
  4. Wikipedia consensus model (many people contribute to one idea for the greater good) is not a good model in general and probably cannot be duplicated outside Wikipedia.
  1. Giving users control, being open to different uses you did not anticipate.
  2. Dunbar principle – segments of under 150 people.
  3. The individual should get value and the organization should derive aggregated value from all the individuals.
  4. Social sites have and need different types of users and each should be motivated/rewarded equally.
  5. Many voices generate emergent order: you can get much value out of all that data.


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